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Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager Example

Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager is like some automation within a switch or router. They generally work on this way : Step 1 : Event happen. Step 2 : Action to be take when above event happen. The best part of Embedded Event Manager is that you can define set of CLI commands which Cisco router/switch will perform when it catch certain "Event". Event examples are like : syslog message, interface down , interface up etc. Action examples are like : run specific CLI commands etc. In this post I am taking very simple example of Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager. In this example , it will catch "track status" as Event and put interface to shut or no shut as  Action . IP SLA and TRACKING are another topics which I will discuss in separate blog. Please find the simple example of Embedded Event Manager : event manager applet port_up description When my track status is down event track 50 state down action 0.1 cli command "enable" action 1.