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Cisco Alias Command

Many times we need to run same commands are Cisco router again and again. The most frequent task which I do is taking backup of the device to TFTP server. So one day I have decided to create ALIAS for this back up command. Generally we need to copy Cisco startup config to TFTP server for that we use this command: copy startup-config tftp:// is server IP if TFTP. In your scenario this will be the IP of you TFTP server. For that I have created one ALIAS name "backup". To create ALIAS name "backup" type following command: For Normal Cisco IOS: alias exec backup copy startup-config tftp:// For Cisco Nexus NX-OS: cli alias name backup copy startup-config tftp:// I have taken just an example to create alias. You can make any command and convert it into alias by taking above example. To run "copy startup-config tftp://" you just need to type this command in config mode : &