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Eat that Frog Chapter – 2

Chapter - 2 - Plan Every Day in Advance In this chapter Brian explains the importance of Planning in life. He quoted that every minute spend in planning will save 10 min of  execution. He has also stated six "P" formula which is "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance ". Many successful people practice it every day. Planning is simple to do. Just grab your pen and paper and write down your planning list. Make your planning list the night before, at the end of workday. Add the tasks which you have not yet accomplished on that day so that you can try to do those tasks next day. Also add the tasks which you are planning to do next day.  When you will sleep in night your subconscious mind will automatically work on this planning list. And its a huge possibility that you will get more creative ideas in morning to perform your task more efficiently. There are different lists for different purpose. Brian describes to make 4 different kinds of list which I