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Cisco 4500 with supervisor Engine 8e UID beacon LED

As you may already aware about the fact that Cisco 4500 Switch is the most selling switch of Cisco for enterprise network. Due to its performance and investment protection, many companies are using this switch for their network infrastructure. As this is a modular switch , we can insert different types of Line cards like - PoE , non PoE , SFP 1 G or 10 G etc. This switch has one module which is called Supervisor engine. We can not add more than 2 Supervisor engine in a 4500 switch. Basically, Supervisor Engine is the main CPU or you can say brain of this switch, In network terminology, we refer it is as the Control plane as well as management plane of the 4500 switch. The Supervisor Engine comes in different model based on its performance and capabilities. Recently, I got a chance to replace old 4500 switch with the new ones. These new 4500 switches comes with supervisor Engine 8E . This 8E is basically the name given by Cisco to this supervisor. It is the latest supervisor engin